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ABSTRACT- COLLAGE workshop with Juliette Ezavin

1 AUGUST 2019, Little Beach House Barcelona

Video by Naoto Sakamoto

What topics will the workshop cover?

We kick August off by hosting a quick creative workshop at the Little Beach House Barcelona with the young talented London based artist Juliette Ezavin. Based on her practice, the workshop will be driven by instinct, the emotion that leads her works. Juliette Ezavin is best known for her brightly coloured abstract work. Her ‘constructed paintings’ are often labour intensively created from a combination of cut off and painted canvases that are resewn together, rip them apart and then reassemble, creating a visually dynamic hybrid abstract collage. In her studio, throughout shapes are confronted with neglected pieces and impulsive movements. She describes it as is a game, an instantaneous forever changing composition held momentarily in the creative balancing act.

Workshop in Soho House Barcelona
Photo by Valentine Ezavin


What can the participant expect to learn or gain from the workshop?

The workshop will be layout in two parts: the first part would be the presentation of Juliette Ezavin works and an explication of the instinctive process of making. We will also go through a brief history of how the collage is used in contemporary art. During the second part, the audience is invited to engage and create an art piece inspired by Barcelona seaside. The art piece outcome will be the result of glueing paper into a composition.

The best works will be published on Instagram @eveleibegallery

What types of activities will occur during the session?

Juliette Ezavin will guide you through the technical process and help you design a composition that works. By the end of the day you will leave the studio having completed unique artwork.


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