Maurizio Bongiovanni


Through his painting Maurizio Bongiovanni explores eroticism in the consumer society.
Each of his paintings represents an erotic possession of desire, which immediately vanishes once realised; an ephemeral satisfaction like an orgasm. Just like consumer goods that switch on the possession of desire again and again to a new products, and so up to infinity. It is not moralistic painting. On the contrary he likes to show through my paintings the consequences of postmodern world. Important elements to his practice are: Sex, Love and Eroticism.
Through the theme of Sex, he can make paintings focused on the animal sphere, of which the human being has a great presence. But through Love, he investigates this feeling in our contemporary culture as a difficult undertaking, while the theme of Eroticism, he like to develop it as the end of the proclamation itself.


Like4Like  Oil on canvas 2018

Oil on canvas 2018

Autopilot  Oil on canvas 2018

Oil on canvas 2018