Digital Masterpiece

Venus Mansion – Surreal Visual Scenes by Lee Sol


Diversity of tools and digital technologies continue to evolve, and it provides opportunities for new forms of artistic expression, Lee Sol Korean contemporary digital artist of Venus Mansion creates contemporary renaissance inspired works. He successfully brings together the feel of the old master's motif mixed with an accent of today's modern life. His phantasmagoric scenes with a colour palette of saturated candy-store and vibrant colours with antique compositions are distinctly eye-catching.

Lee Sol plans to expand the range of work to include solid pieces (sculptures, installations), and he is working on an upcoming exhibition in Korea next year.


Lee Sol (b.1989, Seoul) had completed his Bachelor of Interior Design at the Hansung University in 2014. Lee explores his artistic process to investigate how personal emotions can influence the space. Through getting away from the habitual action of assuming the function of object and space by their form, he goes through the process of expressing his own world into visual scenes. In 2014, Lee has begun the project of ‘Venus Mansion’, embodies the surreal scenes with ancient sculptures and random objects by using 3D graphic design program.

Source: venus-mansion