Originally museums were a place that showcased and preserved unique objects, out of reach and behind protective glass. However, nowadays the museum is transforming its static position to become a site for new creations of engagement. PLEASE TAKE A SEAT chooses and studies the omnipresent “chair” in the museum, as a metaphor for the transformations that these spaces are subjected to.

Previously inaccessible to visitors, the museum hid behind all kinds of barriers and regulations, creating layers of obstacles and inhibiting the interaction between the visitor and the artefact. Eventually, chairs were introduced into the museum to be utilised by visitors and/or staff.

In the gallery the chair occupies a number of positions, they possess an evolving peculiarity, shifting between the exhibit and functional object. They are placed both behind the glass, and sometimes in the middle of the hall, closer to the visiting audience. There is now an onslaught of exclusively designed chairs; ones that no one has ever seen before, designed especially for one place – the museum, and they exist to serve the visitor.

PLEASE TAKE A SEAT pays attention to a simple, an often overlooked object, the chair. It encourages one to revisit and experience the museum space from a wholly different and new perspective.