Curvy Marble

by Sara Ricciardi

Marble curves governed by organic and feminine geometries.



The Curvy Marble project was born from observing its "dressing" process of the shapes with chalk paste, glue and pigments, an application of artificial marble on tubular iron forms.
A mirror and a sinuous stool restore the image of a dressing table, a place for makeup, a feminine temple of care. I was very inspired by the technique of working with artificial marble by Simone Desirò that covers surfaces according to the ancient tradition of Rima marble. The colours are reinterpretations of exotic marbles such as the Verde Ming for the stool and the onyx Iranian rose for the mirror.

“A mirror and a sinuous stool restore the image of a dressing table, a place for makeup, a feminine temple of care”




“Night trials, distance processing, reunion technology”

The project was born for the Atlante Immateriale exhibition for the new Turin Design Circle where we were identified as a designer and Simone Desirò as a craftsman for a collaboration together. Just over a month's time and a lot of work at a distance.
The first meeting was in Simone's laboratory in the province of Biella, a cold and marvellous garage where years of practice are causing new experiments and visions to flourish through the artificial marble technique. The generosity of his knowledge, including books,  playing instruments and polenta making, made our first time in the studio very dense.
From here in my studio in Milano, I have elaborated the idea of covering tubular shapes to return sinuous marble patterns. I was intrigued by the idea of creating environments in which marble was regulated along curves.
The project was articulated throughout March and mid-February at a distance in continuous streams of consciousness between me and Simone conveyed by Instagram messages and phone calls - The relationships at the time of technology.

“Instagram messages at 10.30pm: "Sara, what do you think of this new Rosa, okay?"
or - "we have to change shape because it has too high a degree of complexity for the stability of the piece"

Night trials, distance processing, reunion technology.

We created these iron bases to have a solid material that could support weights and had no thermal shocks that could cause fractures in the material and once we understood this we produced our first prototype, LA TOELETTA with welding 'escamotage' in a large diameter pipe.
Each time working with a craftsman creates unknowns and new possibilities and seeing how a design takes shape between the various design difficulties always has great emotional power.
The leather inserts in the mirror were created by Simone Samantha's partner who works in the textile field.

Key words

Born in Benevento / 30 years ago / eating pomegranates / drawing on walls / running in the fields / stories of witches / Greek theater and street / unexpected meetings / Milan / New Academy of Fine Arts / obsessive curiosity / great trainer of nocturnal and Parma coffee for lunch / researcher of possibilities / a life in Turkey / and another life in New York / daily loves / Set designer / Concept & Brainstorming / Product designer / artistic residencies / co-founder of the LA LATTONERIA brand / Social Design teacher at NABA / lecturer at DOMUS ACADEMY / conducting international workshops / Creative Director of events / chooses Milan / today he calls himself "camparda" / working 24 hours in building new gates and visions.


Sara Ricciardi was born in Benevento in 1989. She lives and works in Milan. She is a multifaceted designer based in Milan, she completed her studies in Milan, Istanbul and New York, graduating in 2015 at the Naba - New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, in the Product Design department. For 4 years she has opened her own studio where she designs products for companies, unique pieces for galleries, performances, installations.
Her approach is characterized by a deep narrative exploration: every aesthetic is born following a precise story. The form follows the message.
Great poetic and formal research at the base of his method. Materials and processes are defined each time with the help of great masters of Italian craftsmanship.
She is an excellent collector of bizarre objects.
Selected by Wallpaper among the finalists of Next Designer Generation 2018 together with the Panerai workshops.
In January, during Pitti 2019, he inaugurated his first concept store called "Eden", thus opening up a design devoted to interior design, for the launch of the Attico brand's capsule collection at the high fashion store Luisa Via Roma in Florence.
Among the brands for which it has collaborated: Visionnaire, Houtique, Coin Casa, Culti, Giorgetti.
The triennial of Design the tribute inserting it among the Women of contemporary Italian design with the Women in Design exhibition. She is part of the collective The Ladies ’Room together with the designers Agustina Bottoni, Ilaria Bianchi and Astrid in July with whom she creates sensory projects for various galleries.

Selected exhibition

 2017 Salone Satellite. 20 anni di nuova creatività, a cura di Beppe Finessi, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano;
FENOMENA, The Ladie’s Room, Garage Sanremo, 5Vie, Milano Design Week, Milano;
DOPPIA FIRMA, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Milano 2018
UNDER 35, a cura di Silvana Annichiarico, Triennale di Milano (mostra itinerante);
LA SINDROME DI PANDORA, Daforma Gallery, Roma;
ARCADIA, a cura di Alice Stori Liechtenstein, 5Vie, Milano Design Week, Milano;
GIOVANI CREATIVI, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma.


Next Generation Designer - 2018  Wallpaper and Panerai - Nomination


Ritmo Sabba - Swing Design Gallery - Benevento - 2018
ARCADIA per Alice Stori Liechtenstein all'interno del Fuori salone 2018 per il distretto 5 Vie Milano.
UNDER 35 - Triennale di Milano a cura di Silvana Annichiarico - 2018
GIOVANI CREATIVI - Premio -  Galleria d'Arte Moderna -  Roma  - 2018
LA SINDROME DI PANDORA - Da Forma gallery  - Roma  2018
FENOMENA - The Ladie's room - distretto 5 vie - Garage Sanremo - 2017
20 anni del Salone Satellite presso la Fabbrica del Vapore di Milano durante la design week 2017
W - WOMEN IN ITALIAN DESIGN  - Triennale Design Museum Milan 2017



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