About Taher Jaoui 

Born in Tunisia
Taher Joui works and lives in Berlin, Germany
Represented by Galerie Kremers (Berlin), Jinsan Gallery (Seoul), Oliver Cole Gallery (Miami), Bivins Gallery (Dallas), Uncommon beauty Gallery (New York), Mika Gallery (New York/Tel Aviv), Opera Gallery (Dubai), Graham Modern and Contemporary (Johannesburg), Banzy Gallery (Beirut), Graham's contemporary (Johannesburg) and Smart BA Gallery (Buenos Aires

Solo Exhibitions
2019, Galerie Kremers, Berlin, September
2019, Graham Modern and Contemporary Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
2019, Jinsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea, January
2018, Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia, January
2017, Untitled I at Galerie la Rotonde - Galerie la Rotonde, Paris, France

Group Exhibitions
October 2019, Art MArket Budapest, Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany
June 2019, Busan Art Fair, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, USA
May 2019, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Mika Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
May 2019, An Atlantic Bridge BERLIN - USA, Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany
April 2019, Impossible Until it is Done, Opera Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
March 2019, Architectural Digest Show, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, USA
February 2019, Dystopia, Banzy Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
December 2018, Aqua art Fair, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, Miami, USA
December 2018, Scope art Fair, Azart Gallery, Miami, USA,
December 2018, Psychedelic Robot, Bivins Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
December 2018, CONTEXT Miami art Fair, USA,
May 2019, Works on paper III, Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany
September 2018, Oliver Cole Gallery, Miami, USA
September 2018, AAF art fair, Azart Gallery, New York, USA
March 2018, Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE, March 2018
November 2017, EMERGEAST Auction IV, Dubai, UAE
April 2017, Bardo Exhibition. Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, Germany
February 2017, Cutting Edge. coGalleries, Berlin, Germany